Well vs Evidation

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
College students who want to earn an extra income while studying and are interested in their well-being search Google for "Easy money from home," leading them to TheCollegeInvestor.com to the article "80 Ways To Make Money From Home (In Your Pajamas)". In this article, My.evidation.com is listed as an option to get paid for exercising.
These consumers often convert with Evidation.
Other consumers continue their journey searching for "Does an app pay me for walk", leading them to Sidehustlenation.com's article "Get Paid to Walk: 40+ Creative Ways to Make $500 a Month or More".
After interacting with this article, these consumers end up converting with Evidation or Sweatcoin, who are presented as the best apps within the article, while Well is not mentioned.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment:
1. Display Ads: Target these consumers by using display ads on TheCollegeInvestor.com at times they are most active (Mon-Fri 15:00-23:00). Emphasize the reward for a fitness aspect to draw their attention.
2. Affiliate Partnership: Partner with TheCollegeInvestor.com and SideHustleNation.com to incorporate affiliate links within relevant articles such as "80 Ways To Make Money From Home (In Your Pajamas)" and "Get Paid to Walk: 40+ Creative Ways to Make $500 a Month or More" to increase app downloads and disrupt competitor funnels.
3. Behavioural targeting via Google Audience: Create a custom audience of students looking to earn money while studying who would be interested in using rewarding health/fitness apps, using the unique keywords and domains from their online activity.

Supportive Metrics


1.1M Monthly Visitors


280K Monthly Visitors

Behavioral Targeting via Google Audience:


  • Best health rewards apps

  • How to make money with my phone

  • Easiest way of make money through apps

  • How to earn money while studying


  • Autonomous.ai

  • Wikihow.com

  • Spaceotechnologies.com

  • Prevention.com

  • Theladders.com

  • Thecollegeinvestor.com

  • Sidehustlenation.com




1 Hour


Health & Wellness


College Students (Mainly Females, 18-24)

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