Identify competitors' top converting partners

Source, qualify and prioritize your hitlist based on product-specific conversion data
Easily deep dive into each potential partner's performance metrics and trends
Get daily alerts on net new opportunities that start generating conversions
*No integrations requiered

Our platform provides you intelligence on crucial competitive data points for each partner and opportunity

Stop wasting time on manually searching new opportunities, get a sense of each potential partner's impact in less than a minute

Uncover your competitors top converting affiliates

Beat your competitors!
Get a live list of all publishers that generate conversions for competitors, with visibility into conversion rates, monthly trends and more...

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Get access to performance, stability and relevancy metrics to help you prioritize your daily activities

Performance metrics at your fingertips
Understand the potential impact of each partner by getting insights on how they source your relevant traffic, what top placement generate conversions, monthly trends and more...

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Generate reach-out message with performance data that grabs the partner's attention

Stop wasting time on endless reach outs to potential publishers with no response
Break through the noise by sending personalizied reach-outs backed by performance data like- by how much your conversion rates are better than competitors, audience overlap, specific placements you know you would like to be on etc.

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Get alerts on upcoming players that are starting to generate conversions for your competitors

Understand the bigger picture
Get live alerts when publishers started generating conversion to competitors / increased their conversion contribution by more than 20%

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Konnecto wins!

The only unbiased partnership intelligence platform that provide answers you just couldn't get before

Features & Insights
Discover, source & qualify partnerships using performance data
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Access competitors' CR, conversion share, top partnerships etc.
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Access partners conversion scale, competitors share, traffic source, SERP, placements, contact details etc.
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Monitor & audit all existing partners, placements, competitors, market etc.
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Personalized alerts and recommendations
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Ask the platform any question with Konnecto's Gen-AI
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