Why KonnecTo | KonnecTo
Your consumers are the heart and soul of your business;
learning about them shouldn't be complicated.
KonnecTo makes it easy to understand your
consumers from the inside out by collecting
and analyzing their interactions ay every 
touch point.
Actionable Insights

Data isn't enough anymore. That's why we do the dirty work of analyzing the data and give you key insights into your consumers. With our insights you can get right to work putting in place marketing campaigns, setting up promotions and making important business decisions - all with the data to back you up.

Deep Consumer Profiles

Knowing how a consumer interacts with your brand is only 1% of a consumer's life (or less!). That's why we analyze multiple touchpoints and millions of data points to provide you with the most complete consumer profiles. This means that you can provide the right message at the right time for very specific consumer needs. Sounds great, huh?

Complete Transparency

We know your consumers are the most important piece of your business - and that's why you care deeply about your relationship with them. That's why we operate in an environment of complete transparency about the data we're collecting, and why we are collecting it. Your consumer should own their data - and we will make sure its safe.

Real Time Analytics

Your consumers are on the go, living their lives, and sharing along the way. We give you immediate insights into your consumer in real time.

Historical Analysis

While its great to know how consumers act today - its just not enough to understand them deeply. We take a 10-year historical look at their activities to provide you with the most complete picture.

Behavioural Data Analysis

What's the difference between you and someone "like" you? A lot, it turns out! That's why we focus on personal data to understand your consumer so that you get the most accurate picture of who your consumers are.


Consumers interact on multiple platforms in many different ways. That's why we approach data-collecting as a multi-channel strategy to get a 360 degree understanding of your consumer.

Weekly Reports 

While data ain't pretty (usually) we make it as easy as possible to swallow in our dashboards available 24/7 as well as targeted reports geared towards your needs.