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The ultimate SaaS Tool for Affiliate Program Managers and here’s why…

July 2, 2024

Staying ahead of the competition in affiliate marketing can sometimes take a lot of manual effort.

Konnecto was created to help affiliate managers have a clear overview of their competitive landscape in terms of which affiliates are driving conversions to direct competitors and provide real-time insight on publisher discovery and automated monitoring based on conversion data and not by perceived traffic. 

It’s the single solution any Affiliate Manager needs to power proactive partner discovery and market intelligence they can benchmark themselves against.

Discover Konnecto’s core features and then understand how you can revolutionize your affiliate management approach, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve all within a few easy clicks.

A Cookie-Less and GDPR Compliant Solution

Konnecto stands out by being a cookie-less and GDPR compliant platform that doesn't require any integrations or development time to implement. This ensures that your affiliate marketing efforts adhere to the latest marketing regulations, providing peace of mind for both you and your potential partners. By focusing on privacy and compliance, Konnecto not only protects your business but also builds visibility into the market to create a level playing field between you and your competitors.

The Power of Competitive Conversion Metrics

One of the standout features of Konnecto’s product suite is the ability to delve deep into competitive conversion benchmarking as well as the automated alerts that happen in real time on partner sites you may want to keep in full view. Not to mention the automated reach outs that can be set up to ensure new opportunities are never missed for inclusion in your affiliate outreach activity. 

>>Instead of manually sifting through data and reports based on traffic site visits, affiliate managers can rely on Konnecto to keep a vigilant eye on partner activities based on total sales conversions (Real Time Data of Sale Activity vs Visits to site pages). 

Konnecto continuously monitors your competitive landscape and tracks various key performance metrics to provide automated alerts for any significant changes, such as traffic drops on top performing publisher sites which may impact your monthly sales targets and also  conversion ROI on fixed fee campaigns you’ve committed. Konnecto also monitors the positioning of you vs your competitors in terms of conversions taking place in your niche or vertical to enable you to see how you’re benchmarking against your competitors month to month. 

>>Imagine you notice a sudden decline in conversions from a key partner. It could take you a few hours to research the data and assess why that could be happening, assuming you catch this in time 

With Konnecto, you don’t have to wait for the damage to reflect in your sales figures first. The platform is programmed to send you pre-emptive alerts, enabling you to take immediate action to mitigate any adverse effects. This proactive approach ensures that you maintain a steady flow of high-quality traffic, ultimately improving sales conversions and overall performance.

Discover the Right Partners and Opportunities to pursue

Finding the right partners and traffic opportunities for scale is a critical aspect of affiliate program management no matter what industry you’re operating in. From e-Commerce and Retail to Finance and Investing, Konnecto simplifies the publisher discovery process with its advanced partner monitoring tools. By leveraging the platform’s extensive database and intelligent data algorithms, based on conversions tracked to competitors you outline during your setup process, affiliate managers can easily identify new high-potential referring partners that align with their business goals who are already sending sales conversions over to their competitors. This allows teams to fast track their discovery to find the partners that really matter, whilst saving hours of time being spent on assumed research based on traffic volume delivery. 

>> The platform not only helps you find new partners but also evaluates their conversion performance metrics to ensure you aren’t wasting time with high traffic driving sites that look good - but don’t convert! 

This dual functionality allows you to build a strong, reliable network of affiliates that drive consistent, high-quality traffic. The platform shows a number of key performance metrics to enable affiliate managers to focus time and effort on building relationships that can move the needle on sales, vs just providing a brand presence. We take the guesswork out of manually trying to reverse engineer your competitors affiliate program and partnerships to give you the data you need to get the right partners that actually are converting sales - directly into yours! 

Harness the Power of Open AI for Quick Data Insights

In today’s fast-paced partnership marketing landscape, quick access to data and analysis is crucial for getting new deals done and affiliate loyalty to your affiliate program secure.

>> Konnecto’s integration with Open AI allows affiliate managers to access valuable insights rapidly. 

You can ask simple questions and receive detailed, data-driven answers in seconds. This feature is particularly useful for making informed decisions on the fly, without having to wade through complex reports. Whether you need to understand a sudden change in traffic patterns or evaluate the potential of a new affiliate you want to onboard, Konnecto’s AI capabilities provide the answers you need, when you need them. This not only saves time but also empowers you to make strategic decisions that enhance performance and drive growth.

Monitor publisher traffic changes in real time

Staying informed about what your affiliates are capable of delivering is a key aspect of any affiliate program managers daily remit. You can set alerts and get daily notifications of when to take action without having to do manual checks of various reports to spot anomalies. Wouldn't it be better to get up in the morning and have a clear action plan to mitigate traffic losses vs spending the first few hours trying to find if you have any issues to resolve with partners you’re currently working with are essential for maintaining a competitive edge. 

>> Konnecto offers robust program monitoring tools that keep your affiliate team highly efficient and proactively managing partner portfolios to mitigate traffic changes - as and when they actually happen. 

By having up-to-the-minute data, you can engage in informed conversations with your partners about their traffic and volumes. This real-time insight helps you negotiate more effectively and ensures that your campaigns are optimized for the best possible ROI. Instead of being caught out with outdated information, you can proactively manage relationships and strategies based on the latest data.

Why Choose Konnecto?

Here’s a few reasons why brands trust Konnecto to give them the data they need to stay competitive in the affiliate marketing space: 

  1. Access real time conversion data that helps you qualify valuable partners - before you begin to work with them. Find the right partners to work with, without the guesswork of understanding IF their site traffic will convert to your offer. 
  2. Proactive Partner Management: With automated monitoring and pre-emptive alerts, you can address critical conversion drops in sales and traffic drop issues before they impact your performance and react to them right away if they do.
  3. Comprehensive Partner Discovery: Identify and evaluate new converting partners already working with your competitors with ease, ensuring you prioritize your list based on real conversion data, spending time on partners that can actually impact your sales conversion. 
  4. Real-Time Insights: Reverse engineer the entire digital footprint of your competitors’ path to conversion in real time, scoring each touch point based on the conversion impact and audience relevance. 

Find the partners you always needed - but never knew were there!

It’s really about gathering everything you need in one simple solution enabling you to focus on building new partner relationships and driving your business strategy to scale. 

Just like Shiran Herzberg, Head of Media and Partnerships at EToro says,  "Konnecto’s Daily Recommendations Enabled Us To Save Hundreds Of Hours/ Quarter Analyzing Competitive Intelligence Data, and Identifying Key Affiliates and Programmatic Opportunities we couldn’t have known about before!

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