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Navigating Current Affiliate Marketing Trends with Konnecto

July 2, 2024

The Affiliate landscape is rapidly changing, driven by shifting consumer behaviors, emerging technologies, and dramatic SEO algorithmic impacts. Now more than ever affiliate program managers must secure partnerships that convert sales, versus just branding. 

As affiliate managers strive to stay ahead, leveraging AI and Data intelligence tools like Konnecto can become crucial for businesses to scale their affiliate program revenue efficiently. 

Konnecto's innovative discovery, monitoring and auditing modules based on conversion data and not just traffic insights - providing market information that can help you navigate current market trends and new potential market opportunities.

Here, we delve into three key ways Konnecto's data can revolutionize your approach to affiliate recruitment and empower you to outpace your closest competitors by focussing on sales.

1. Enhanced Publisher Discovery Amid Constant SEO Algorithm Changes

The recent penalization of numerous media publishers by Google’s algorithm has created a seismic shift in the affiliate marketing landscape. These changes have made it challenging for affiliate managers to identify high-quality publishers that drive valuable traffic. This is where Konnecto's solution comes into play.

Trend: Shifts in Publisher Quality and Availability

With Google tightening its algorithm, many previously top-performing media publishers are struggling to maintain their visibility. According to a study by Path Interactive, 42% of surveyed publishers experienced a significant decline in traffic after a major Google update in 2023 and this has had a knock on effect in this year too. This shift necessitates a strategic pivot in affiliate managers seeking better publishers and relevant traffic that is delivering conversions in their own niche.

Konnecto's platform tracks the performance of publishers enabling you to gain insight to where conversions are taking place and also when publisher sites are getting hit or delivery is changing. By analyzing real-time conversion data, Konnecto helps you discover and onboard new publishers that are converting for your competitors - allowing you to meet your affiliate marketing sales goals.

How Konnecto helps you navigate this trend: 

  • Real-Time, Data-Driven Market Insights: Konnecto provides real-time insights into publisher conversions, enabling you to understand who is driving sales to your nearest competitors and what percentage of the market your program is currently saturating. This allows you to react swiftly to marketplace shifts and understand where your growth opportunities lie. 
  • Quality Over Quantity: By focusing on high-quality publishers that comply with the SERP algorithm standards and show high conversion volume, you ensure sustainable traffic and conversions month to month, with automated alert features you can monitor when things change and adapt your commercial strategies to partners that can drive value customers to your door.
  • Competitive Partnership Edge: Stay ahead of competitors by partnering with up-and-coming publishers before they become partners in the mainstream affiliate ecosystem.

2. Spend your Affiliate budget exactly where you know it converts  

With an increased demand for affiliate’s traffic, understanding where your competitors are getting customer sales from right now - is key to identifying which affiliates you should be focussing on. Konnecto offers you insight into where customers are converting from within a publisher’s website or deep linked pages. 

This offers you insight on how to position your affiliate program to win these affiliates over in order for them to promote your own affiliate program and products too. All of this data helps you effectively negotiate your budget to the places that you’re going to see the best ROI on your affiliate spend. 

Trend: Increasing Demand for Affiliate Traffic

Konnecto’s partner discovery solution uses detailed demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data to help find the right affiliate partners at every stage of the customer purchasing phase. 

Understanding what types of publishers are converting customers to your competitors can help you build a more targeted affiliate recruitment strategy for your program. You won’t have to target everyone blindly, you’ll only need to recruit the partners that can drive actual sales and improve your relationship management with the publishers that count!  

How Konnecto helps you navigate this trend: 

  • Deep Understanding of Audience Conversion: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience's preferences, behaviors, and purchase intents based on your competitors affiliate partners that are converting sales to their platform.
  • Optimize Campaigns: Tailor your marketing messages to these new found and specific  customer segments where you see volume of customer traffic, increasing your affiliate partners engagement and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Partner Collaboration: Share detailed audience insights with your affiliate partners and help them to align their acquisition strategies to yours so you can oustrip the competition and gain better results, thus building longer affiliate loyalty to your program.

3. Competitive Analysis for Strategic Advantage

Staying ahead in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape requires continuous monitoring and analysis of your competitors. Konnecto’s competitive analysis tools provide the insights needed to outmaneuver your competitors.

Trend: Heightened Competition and Dynamic Market Conditions

As the affiliate marketing space becomes more crowded, understanding your competitors' strategies and performance becomes vital. According to Forrester Research, affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2024, highlighting the increasing competition in the market.

Konnecto’s platform offers a comprehensive competitive analysis feature, allowing you to benchmark your performance against industry leaders and identify areas for improvement.

How Konnecto helps you navigate this trend: 

  • Market Positioning: Understand your share of voice in the market relative to your competitors and identify gaps in your outreach and recruitment strategy based on actual conversions.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Make informed decisions about where to allocate budget resources and seasonally so as to adjust your campaigns for better performance.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Keep a pulse on the closest competitors’ and understand their subtle moves, including changes in their affiliate partnerships and marketing tactics.

Leveraging Konnecto for Affiliate Program Growth

Incorporating Konnecto’s solution into your affiliate marketing team day to day research and analysis tasks helps you save time finding the right partners to invest in and work with that will drive converted sales. 

Konnecto improves your budget efficiency as you will have the data to make informed decisions based on customer conversion data vs overall traffic to conversion assumptions like other tools offer. 

When you utilize Konnecto’s data-driven insights, marketplace monitoring features, you have the upper hand to position your program offers correctly to excite affiliates to work with you and provide the right incentives and messaging to help them compete with your competitors’ offers to convert better! 

Konnecto is the missing link you need to meet your KPI goals based on quantified facts vs. volume of traffic assumptions. 


Konnecto’s solution empowers affiliate managers to navigate current trends in publisher discovery, audience opportunities, positioning your program effectively against your competition. 

By leveraging Konnecto’s advanced analytics, you can enhance your ability to target the right publishers, in the right places and at the right times even when supply and demand and traffic is impacted - in real time. You’ll have the ability to see how you are benchmarking to the competition and also how to outpace your competitors with data that’s true to market activity.

Don’t ignore the potential of Konnecto to transform your affiliate marketing efforts — embrace it to grow and differentiate your program from your competitors and build loyalty with all the right performing publishers and affiliates too! 

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