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May 21, 2024

Impact is a popular choice for those looking for an affiliate marketing platform that offers both ease of use and wide-ranging — dare we say — impact when it comes to growing your business. 

To understand more, keep reading this review of Impact’s Marketplace and Impact’s overall affiliate program to understand if Impact might be right for you.

What is Impact? is an affiliate marketing platform, devoted to helping companies manage and optimize their partnerships with affiliate marketers with ease. 

Impact promises to power a customer’s business growth, using transformational technologies to create growth today and tomorrow. They consider their employees to be “growth technologies,” relying on the formula that customers + speed + passion = transformational growth. Impact’s goal is to have, again, an impact on their customers’ business growth. (It’s not just a clever name.)

How does Impact work?

Using is designed to be easy for those looking to grow their business through affiliate marketing. Some of the steps you would take include:

  • Find partners with ease
    • Search through’s database of high-quality partners—Impact offers more than a million of them.
    • You can filter these partners to suit your specific needs — for example, by promotional method, channel, geography, reach, and audience demographic.
    • Once you’ve found a potential partner, you can get direct contact information for your affiliate, influencer or brand.
  • Pay partners automatically and dynamically
    • Choose how you commission partners — based on their position in the conversion path, or by using other methods
    • Negotiate payout terms with newly contracted partners, and credit them for all incremental value they provide
    • Onboard new partners quickly
    • Pay partners in any currency
  • Keep tabs from start to finish
    • Whatever device you use, you can track traffic driven by your partners across properties
    • Monitor all touchpoints in your conversion paths through, including clicks, mobile touchpoints, and view-through
    • Enjoy visibility and transparency from front to back
  • Protect your program from fraud
    • Make sure your partners comply with your guidelines
    • Prevent bad actors from causing you financial damages
  • Receive robust reporting and alerts
    • This allows you to quickly respond when a campaign is working, or if it’s not
    • You’ll be notified by email or SMS, or you can proactively monitor reports in real time

Who uses Impact?

A list of brands and companies already using Impact includes:

  • HSBC
  • Uber
  • Levi’s
  • Wal-Mart
  • Microsoft
  • Adidas
  • Easyship
  • Purple Carrot

And more.

Because is dynamic — meaning it serves a range of partnership types — it might make sense for influencers, publishers, those with mobile apps, strategic business partners and more. 

Is Impact good for affiliate marketing? has a 4.7 star rating and has earned multiple awards from G2, the peer-to-peer review site aggregator. Impact has also received recognition from the Inc. Awards, and was listed as a top affiliate-marketing platform by Business Insider. 

What does Impact cost?

You can join for free, then you will have three cost-tier options:

  • Starter: Starts at $500 per month
    • Work with any type of partner
    • Onboarding support
    • Partner recommendations
    • Recruitment tools and prospect CRM
    • Electronic contracting
    • Automatically pay partners 
    • Online event tracking
    • Unlimited partner groups
    • Host and distribute resources
  • Pro: Starts at $2500 per month
    • All of the above, plus:some text
      • Customer success manager
      • 24/5 live in-app chat
      • Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
      • Track through your CRM
      • Learning Management System (LMS) integrations for surfacing training content in a white-labeled partner portal.
  • Enterprise: Starts at $5000 per month
    • All of the above, plus
      • Dedicated support
      • Path-based payouts
      • Custom domain
      • Fraud monitoring tools
      • Forecasting and anomaly detection
      • Cross-channel reporting, insights and de-duplication

How Konnecto can optimize your relationship with Impact

There are two ways Konnecto can help you optimize your affiliate program if you’re an Impact customer:

1. Partner discovery

Using Konnecto’s Discovery tool and your Impact API key, Konnecto uncovers the gaps in your affiliate program and the publishers that drive quality conversions to your competition. 

Konnecto goes beyond metrics like clicks to show you conversion rate and audience affinity so the publishers Konnecto surfaces for you will be of the highest quality. 

Additionally, Konnecto surface contacts their Impact contact info via the API connection so you can easily recruit them to your program.

2. Partner monitoring 

Once Konnecto has your Impact API key, we can monitor all partners in your program for things like ranking changes, new publishers or new content articles. 

This allows you, the affiliate manager, to stay on top of your program, make the necessary program optimizations, and never have to worry about a competitor stealing your market share.

Maximizing your program performance

Like peanut butter and chocolate or macaroni and cheese, Impact and Konnecto are two MVP-caliber players that work even better together. If you’re looking to improve production from your affiliate marketing program, and you’re considering Impact, it’s well worth inviting Konnecto to the party, too.

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