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Konnecto's New Affiliate Data Solution

Introducing  Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution, a new module designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of affiliate data across various industries. This tool is not just about sales, but about providing valuable information that can help businesses make informed decisions.

The Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution offers a detailed overview of the market landscape in each industry, identifying top affiliates and tracking historical data and trends over time. It also allows for a deep dive into the data of individual or a select few affiliates, showing where their traffic is distributed and where it is converting.

One of the unique features of this solution is its ability to provide specific links and pages from where conversion traffic originates. This allows businesses to identify opportunities and risks, and take appropriate action based on these insights.

The Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution serves a wide range of industries, including home, rent, and pet insurance, various financial services such as student and personal loans, debt consolidation, cash credit cards, and neo banks, as well as other e-commerce and online industries.

To illustrate the effectiveness of the Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution, let's consider a real-world example. A company in the home insurance industry was struggling to track their competitors' conversions from affiliates they were not aware of. After implementing the Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution, they were able to identify these hidden affiliates and understand where their competitors' traffic was coming from. This led them to close a deal with these affiliates, which resulted in a significant increase in their own conversions.

The Konnecto Affiliate Data Solution is more than just a tool - it's a strategic asset that provides businesses with the insights they need to stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

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