Drop-out prevention

Unlock the secrets of user behavior beyond your website. Discover missed opportunities and close the loop on lost conversions. Optimize your marketing strategies, re-engage prospects, and skyrocket your conversion rates.

Uncover User Behavior Insights, Re-engage Prospects, and Skyrocket Conversions

Our platform is built on state-of-the-art models that identify purchase patterns, and prescribe recommendations on the next best action that would bring the highest impact and ROI.

Post-Dropout Behavior Analysis: Discover Conversion Points Beyond Your Website

Post-Dropout Behavior Analysis: Discover Conversion Points Beyond Your Website

Conversion Drop Investigation: Understand Conversion Patterns and Competitor Performance

Investigate conversion drops and assess if competitors experience similar trends

Channel Impact Analysis: Identify Conversion Influencers and Optimize Marketing Strategies

Determine the channels responsible for conversion drops and understand their impact to optimize your marketing efforts

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Actual average monthly results of our customers

Drop-out decrease
increased sales
increased cr


Longer time
on page
Increase Conversions
Improve awareness
Higher engagement

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