It’s official! Konnecto has raised$21M Series A 🎉

Looking to boost your conversions and stay ahead of the competition?

Konnecto's Conversion Booster is here to help.
Our innovative platform allows you to gain deep insights into your competitors' conversions and understand the reasons behind their success.
Our daily and weekly actionable insights are based on advanced path-to-purchase analysis, helping you to identify key conversion drivers and take targeted action to drive growth
See it in Action

Our AI models (‘Journey Detection’) reverse engineer the entire path to conversion that ended with your competitors 

We then identify conversion drivers that are derived from 3 main pillars and their performance in the market

And you get daily actionable recommendations that drives significant ROI

Say Goodbye To Traditional Monitoring Platforms

No analysis needed, no integrations, no more heavy lifting!

"Konnecto helps us focus our marketing efforts & budget on high-potential areas by identifying the right consumer to go after and where to find them. They take the guessing game out and save us valuable time in the market research and strategy process. They provide pragmatically actionable insights prior to building our marketing plan and prior to each campaign launch, not leaving us to rely only on attribution tools once we have already invested in budgets. With KPIs in mind, delivering ROI-based recommendations, they also help us monitor in an on-going fashion marketing conditions and changes that require action"
Jonathan Johnson | Global Head of Etail/Retail Marketing and DTC @ Poly
"Konnecto has been a valuable marketing partner of ours. We rely on them to provide us with targeted strategies that improve the ROI of our customer acquisition efforts with daily recommendations across all areas of digital marketing and digital customer experience”
Matt Myers | Head of Customer Acquisition @ Haven Life
"Konnecto’s daily recommendations enabled us to save hundreds of hours/ quarter analyzing competitive intelligence data, and identifying key affiliates and programmatic opportunities we couldn’t know about before"
Shiran Herzberg | Head of Media Partnerships @ eToro

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Get a tailor made analysis for free

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