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Know why consumers end up converting with your competitors, and what you should do about it

Join hundreds of marketers who use Konnecto when launching a product, building a go-to-market plan, and optimizing existing marketing efforts In the face of economic uncertainty

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Trusted by top marketing leaders and brands

Reverse-engineering consumer journeys

Gain visibility into journeys that ended up converting with your competitors

Identifying impactful vulnerabilities

Understand the most impactful vulnerabilities that led consumers to convert with competitors

Prescribing actionable recommendations

Get actionable recommendations across the digital marketing pie to drive consumers your way

"Konnecto helps us focus our marketing efforts & budget on high-potential areas by identifying the right consumer to go after and where to find them. They take the guessing game out and save us valuable time in the market research and strategy process. They provide pragmatically actionable insights prior to building our marketing plan and prior to each campaign launch, not leaving us to rely only on attribution tools once we have already invested in budgets. With KPIs in mind, delivering ROI-based recommendations, they also help us monitor in an on-going fashion marketing conditions and changes that require action"
Jonathan Johnson | Global Head of Etail/Retail Marketing and DTC @ Poly
"Konnecto has been a valuable marketing partner of ours. We rely on them to provide us with targeted strategies that improve the ROI of our customer acquisition efforts with daily recommendations across all areas of digital marketing and digital customer experience”
Matt Myers | Head of Customer Acquisition @ Haven Life
"Konnecto’s daily recommendations enabled us to save hundreds of hours/ quarter analyzing competitive intelligence data, and identifying key affiliates and programmatic opportunities we couldn’t know about before"
Shiran Herzberg | Head of Media Partnerships @ eToro

Konnecto brings unprecedented accuracy and precision to your customer acquisition efforts

Mapping the entire path to purchase of consumers that converted with your competitors

This is done by reverse-engineering the entire digital footprint of consumers, in order to surface all of the touchpoints and behaviors that took place at every stage of the journey - from awareness to conversion

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Identifying the most impactful vulnerability points that led high-LTV consumers to convert with your competitors

Konnecto identifies vulnerability points in the journeys that have the highest impact on losing consumers with high purchase intent, understanding which gaps are crucial, and removing ones that won’t have an impact on sales KPIs

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Prescribing daily actions to close the gaps and improve sales KPIs

Based on the impactful vulnerabilities that Konnecto surfaces every day, each team receives multiple actionable recommendations across the digital marketing pie, aimed to close the gaps and resulting in significant improvement in CAC and sales KPIs

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Konnecto provides you with actions to take to increase ROI and improve CaC by reverse engineering your competitors’ path to purchase every day

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Other Monitoring platforms

Generate HL insights and leave you with the heavy lifting while aggregating data with limited visibility and accuracy

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Analysis and heavy lifting

Shifting the focus from reactive monitoring and incrementality testing to prescriptive marketing

Marketing teams spend many hours logging into a variety of disparate platforms in the marketing tech stack, analyzing data points that don’t provide them with the next best action that will improve conversions.

Marketing leaders do not need more data or SaaS tools; instead, they are demanding insight into what is working, what touchpoints are influential in improving ultimate conversion for their brand and their competitors, and clear prescriptive recommendations on what to do today to drive better results.

That's what Konnecto is all about.

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