What is Go-To-Market Intelligence? 

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Gain visibility to all stages of your and your competitors' consumer journeys 

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AI identifies the gaps so you can quickly capitalize on opportunities that will impact your online sales

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Use these insights to build your winning GTM win strategy while leaving your competitors in the dark


Total Insurance Market Intelligence, from Awareness to Purchase

Konnecto gives you visibility into opportunity gaps in all stages of the consumer journey, so that you can disrupt your competitors in their tracks

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Trusted by the best marketers and digital innovators

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Here’s how Konnecto’s market intelligence helps you to increase your online sales

Market Visibility

Turning gaps into opportunities

Don’t accept the status quo, where you can only know what happens on your own website and how they got there one step before.

Using use-case-specific data science models, Konnecto shows you hidden opportunity gaps by mapping out the entire landscape of customer journeys for you and your competitors. 

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Workflow Simplicity- 15 Seconds

Minimum effort for maximum impact

You are busy, need to move fast but want to make sure you make the right decisions that will derive the best results.

This is why every opportunity our platform identifies is provided to you with a summary of the action you need to take, the opportunity behind it, the pattern that supports it, and why now is the best time to act, so you can make the most of your time and make great decisions in 15 seconds.


Zoom In- Zoom Out

Blueprint of opportunities to gain a competitive edge

In order to get a hold of the big picture, we help you understand what enablers and barriers consumers face as they go down the funnel and how do these impact their buying behavior. 



See it in Action

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