Total Insurance Market Intelligence, from Awareness to Purchase

Konnecto gives you visibility into opportunity gaps in all stages of the consumer journey, so that you can disrupt your competitors in their tracks
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Artificial Competitive Intelligence

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Gain visibility to all stages of your and your competitors' consumer journeys 

AI identifies the gaps so you can quickly capitalize on opportunities that will impact your online sales


Use these insights to build your winning GTM win strategy while leaving your competitors in the dark




Konnecto helps Marketing Leaders drill down on the most important competitive analysis questions:

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Customer Acquisiton Team

  • How can we interact with prospects way before they interact with our competitors? 

  • What are the upper funnel opportunities and high intent behaviors in the awareness and consideration stage?

  • What should we do today to increase our conversion rates?

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Digital Marketing Team

  • What are the weaknesses, threats, and disruption points in the path to purchase of specific segments?

  • How can we win over prospects in the awareness stage?

  • How do consumers buy from our competitors and on marketplaces, why, and how can we intercept these patterns?

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Chief Marketing &
Chief Growth

  • What are the enablers and barriers in the path to purchase market share across segments, products and competitors?

  • When launching DTC efforts, where should we focus first in order to win over market share?

Here’s how Konnecto’s competitive intelligence gives you the edge you need


Reverse engineer your competitors' consumer journeys

Knowing how and why consumers ended up buying products from your competitors based on their activities in the earliest stages of the funnel, and how they ended up buying from your competitors after dropping out from your assets.



Blueprint of opportunities to close gaps and gain a competitive edge

Identify gaps that your competitors take advantage of in the early stages of your consumers' journeys.

Konnecto provides a live analysis of market gaps you have against your competitors in the early journey stages, based on reverse engineering journeys from thousands of angles (journey stage, segments, purchase behaviors, topics, etc.). 




Minimum effort for maximum impact

Konnecto translates the competitive gaps into daily recommendations to address low-hanging fruits and increase online sales. 

This is why every opportunity our platform identifies is provided to you with a summary of the action you need to take, the opportunity behind it, the pattern that supports it, and why now is the best time to act, so you can make the most of your time and make great decisions in 15 seconds.



"Konnecto enables you to know your consumers with an unprecedented level of intimacy and confidence that enables new disruptions or interventions in their purchase journeys, unparalleled competitive analytics, as well as identifying previously hidden new product and market opportunities.

With their help, we were able to explore and get to know our customers better, by for example doing research on “Who’s the benchmark for an online booking process”. 

Stephen Wolf M
Digital Customer Journey & UX @ Mercedes-Benz


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