Well vs Noom

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Consumers looking for training and meal plans to lose weight are searching for terms like ”How many calories does 10k steps burn” and “Fat loss diet plan for men”. These searches lead them to different YouTube videos such as “1000 Calorie Workout Cardio: Full Body Weight Loss And Toning “ and “The Best Meal Plan To Lose Fat Faster”.

In both videos, Noom appears within YouTube Display Ads that catch the consumers’ attention, redirecting them to Noom’s official website, since consumers weren't exposed to Well on any of the videos.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment:

1. YouTube Advertising: Target this consumer group, at times and days when they are most active, with YouTube display ads on relevant videos and channels, such as Roberta's Gym and Jeremy Either. Emphasize the diet & fitness aspects of Well's offering to attract these consumers. (Saturday & Sunday, 18:00-22:00).

2. Youtube Partnership: Partner with Roberta's Gym YouTube channel to sponsor reviews about Well's app.

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Health & Wellness


Male & Female (20-36)

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