T-Mobile vs Amazon

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified: T-Mobile is losing to Amazon for a subgroup of the Bicycle Riders Audience that are motivated by the Airtag’s reach and distance as a check mark before converting on Amazon.

Bicycle Riders’ begin their journey by searching Google for a solution for bicycle tracking.
They continue to Amazon.com to gain a grasp of the range of general solutions that exist for tracking systems, and narrow down their research for Cubesmart Tracker and Airtags.

Consumers then dropout in order to further deepdive on the Airtags range and search on Google for keywords like “Apple airtags range” which leads them to Screenrate.com to read about the subject matter.

Often, these consumers want to validate the airtags reach and go on Paul Bradford Youtube Channel (65K Subscribers) to view a video (500K views) of a real-world test of the Airtags tracking lost distant items which lead them to click on a referral link and buy the Airtags on Amazon.com.

Supportive Metrics

elated Keywords:

  • Apple airtags range

  • Apple aritags range

  • Airtags range

  • Airtag apple range

  • Apple airtags range distance

Monthly search volume: 31K

Avg CPC: $1.38

High competition

Related Keywords:

  • Tracker for Bike

  • Tracker for a bike

  • Tracker on a bike

  • Tracker bike for sale

  • Tracker device for bike

Monthly search volume: 131K

Avg CPC: $1.15

High competition




1 Hour


Consumer Electronics


Bicycle Riders, Male & Female, 24-36

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