Sony vs SONOS

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User Journey

Gap identified:
Movie enthusiasts who want to enjoy watching films with an upgraded home theater system search Google for terms such as "Best home theater audio system", leading them to's article "Best Home Theater Systems of 2022 ".
After interacting with this article, several consumers purchase Klipsch and Polk Audio systems on the website.
Some consumers continue their journey to the TopTechNow Youtube Channel, where they interact with the video "Top 5: Best Home Theater System 2021".
After interacting with this video, these consumers finish their journey by converting with Sonos or SVS via affiliate links redirecting them to Amazon.
It's worth mentioning that these consumers are not considering Sony products, as they do not appear as an option in either article.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. YouTube Partnership: Partner with TopTechNow's YouTube channel to incorporate reviews on your brand's Home Theater Systems in future videos, such as "Top 5: Best Home Theater System 2022", and create dedicated videos on your brand's home theater systems, to disrupt consumers before they convert with your competitors.

2. YouTube Advertising: Target this consumer group with YouTube display ads on relevant videos and channels such as Top Tech Now, at the days and times these consumers are most active (Saturday-Sunday 18:00-22:00).

3. Affiliate Partnership: Create or improve the existing partnership with to incorporate affiliate links within relevant articles such as "Best Home Theater Systems of 2022 "to attract high intent consumers before interacting with competitors' websites.

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