Hodlnaut vs Nexo & BlockFi

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User Journey

Gap identified:
Young active crypto investors (25-35) who own crypto coins are exploring the option of earning interest on their cryptocurrencies. These consumers search Google for terms such as "earn interest on your Bitcoin", leading them to 99Bitcoins's YouTube Channel to watch videos such as "How to Earn Interest on Crypto Holdings - A Beginner's Guide". In this video, the "buy and hold" strategy is presented as the best option to earn money in the long term. It then explains different methods and platforms that allow gaining interest for cryptocurrency by holding it, one of them being the saving accounts - where BlockFi and Nexo are highlighted as the best options that offer this method. At the same time, Hodlnaut isn't mentioned in this video. After interacting with this video, most of these consumers complete their journey by subscribing to BlockFi and Nexo.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations for crypto-services brands to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. YouTube Advertising: Target this consumer group with YouTube display ads on relevant videos and channels such as 99Bitcoins, at the times these consumers are most active (Sat & Sun 18:00-22:00; Mon-Thu 15:00-20:00)

2. YouTube Partnership: Partner with 99Bitcoins's YouTube channel to incorporate reviews on your brand in relevant videos such as "How to Earn Interest on Crypto Holdings - A Beginner's Guide", as well as including affiliate links to increase brand awareness, sign-ups, and to disrupt consumers before they convert with competitors.

3. SEO: Consumers searching for terns such as "earn interest on your Bitcoin" are exposed to competitors such as BlockFi, as Hodlnaut does not appear in the SERP. Improve Hadlnaut's SEO positioning by adding the word "Bitcoin" to the title or header of your campaigns. Add </h2> for the header and </p> for your paragraph.

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Young Active Crypto Investors (Mainly Males, 25-35)

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