Funable vs Purify Life

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Health-conscious mothers (30-40) who want their kids to include more vitamins in their diet are going on and searching for "Vitamin c gummies for kids", leading them to click on one of the first search results on the page. When searching for these keywords, brands such as Sundown Kids Disney Frozen Gummies appear as a result, while Funable gummies do not appear. Consumers complete their journey converting with Purify Life Vitamin C gummies for Adults & Kids on

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised two recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. Behavioral Targeting via Google Audience: Create a custom audience of consumers looking to give their kids healthy candy that they can enjoy, using unique keywords and domains from their online activity.

2. Product description SEO: Add your Amazon product description keywords like "vitamin c gummies for kids" to enhance SEO positioning and attract consumers who want their kids to enjoy eating healthier candies.

Supportive Metrics

Amazon Search term
“Vitamin c gummies for Kids”

Google Audience


  • Vitamin C gummies for kids

  • Vitamin C chewable

  • Healthy gummies for kids

  • Gummies for kids










1 Hour


Food & Beverage


Health Conscious Mothers (30-40)

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