Fabric vs AIG

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified: Fabric is losing to AIG for consumers who are interested in trading and investing and go through Robinhood.com

Online trading and investing is acting as an enabler among financially engaged young adults who are actively trying to improve their financial situation over time. These consumers often see life insurance as a long term investment in their family's security and future. Consumers within this group who often engage with trading platforms such as Robinhood.com and its specific articles about life insurance such as “What is Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance?”. These consumers finish their journey converting with Fabric competitors such as AIG which is listed in the article while Fabric is not listed.

Recommendation: Behavioural targeting via Google Audience.

Create a custom audience of young adults, who share interest in online investment and trading websites using keywords and urls from their online activity to reach financially wise customers who invest in their future.

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