Exodus vs TradeStation & Coinbase

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Konnecto's market intelligence platform detected a correlation between gaming and developing an interest in cryptocurrencies. Gamers who start their journey on Twitch continue to interact with crypto-related content and search Google for terms such as "Best crypto exchange."
This search leads them to Stockbrokers.com's article "Best Online Brokers for Bitcoin Trading".
Different competitors, such as TradeStation and Coinbase are listed, while Exodus is not.
There is an opportunity to disrupt these consumers in the earlier stages of the funnel.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. Twitch Partnership: Partner with the Twitch user "UpOnlyTV" to incorporate reviews on your Platform within his streams on where to store and trade crypto.

2. Behavioral Targeting via Google Audience: Create a Google Custom Audience for gamers showing initial interest in the crypto world, using unique keywords and domains from their online activity.

3. Affiliate Partnership: Create or improve the existing partnership with Stockbrokers.com to incorporate your brand's content and affiliate links within the relevant articles, such as "Best Online Brokers for Bitcoin Trading", to attract high intent consumers before signing up to competitors' platforms.

Supportive Metrics

374K Monthly Visitors

Behavioural Targeting:

Key words:

  • “Gaming NFTs”

  • “Gaming Coins”

  • “Online Gaming Crypto”

  • “Gamefi Coins”

  • “Token Gamers”


  • Dailygazzete.com

  • Thatvideogameblog.com

  • Gamesradar.com

  • Bloomberg.com

  • Twitch.com

  • Kotaku.com

  • Wolfsgamingblog.com

  • Attackofthegaming.com

Twitch Partnership:

Twitch Account: UpOnlyTV
Twitch Subscriptions: 31.3K




1 Hour




Gamers (Male, 18-24)

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