Ergobaby vs Baby K'tan & Lillebaby

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Consumers expecting a baby are searching Google for "Must have for newborns" and "Best baby products", leading them to and, where they interact with the articles "Stock up before baby" and "75 best baby products".

In these articles, products by Baby K'tan and Lillebaby are listed. Consumers finish their journey converting with these brands after being redirected to these websites through affiliate links.

Our recommendations:

1. SEA: Bid on "Must-haves for newborns" and "Necessary products for newborns" related keywords to reach a high intent consumer group before converting with competitors.
Avg Monthly Traffic: 101K ; Avg CPC: $1.58

2. Display Ads: Target these consumers by using display ads on on times and days when they are most active. (Tuesday & Thursday, 14:00-16:00 ; Saturday - Monday, 17:00-23:00).

3. Improve Affiliate Partnership: Improve the existing partnership with and to incorporate your brand's products and affiliate links into the latest comparison articles, such as "Stock up before baby" and "75 best baby products".

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