e.l.f vs Dr. Jart+

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified: e.l.f. is losing to The Ordinary and Dr.Jart for consumers who search for skincare kits and go through Hyram’s YouTube channel

Young women who feel lost within the abundance of the different types of skincare products and brands, are searching for a brand that offers all the necessary products for a skincare routine in one kit. Some consumers search on Google for "Good skincare kits", arrive to Ulta.com and end up purchasing The Ordinary products. Other consumers search on Youtube for "Skincare kits" before continuing to the video “The BEST Holiday Skin Care Sets You Can Buy!“ on Hyram’s YouTube channel. These consumers ending up purchasing Dr.Jart products on Sephora, as recommended in the video. The "Skincare kit" topic acts as an enabler among consumers who are new to the skincare world.


1. YouTube Partnership

Partner with the “Hyram” YouTube channel to promote e.l.f. skincare kits as part of the product reviews in this channel to increase brand awareness and reach a high intent audience.

2. SEA

Bid on “Skincare kits” related keywords to reach a high intent consumer group before they convert with competitors.

3. Display Ads

Target these consumers by placing display ads on videos made by Hyram’s YouTube channel to increase brand awareness and reach a high intent audience, before they interact with competitors.

Supportive Metrics

Hyram Youtube Channel

4.6M Subscribers


Search terms:

  • Skincare Kits

CPC: $2.79

Search Volume: 96K
Trend: +32%

Competition level: High




2 Hours




Females, 25-35

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