Doordash vs Grubhub

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Foodies (mainly males, 25-35) that want to order their favorite food are searching Google for search terms such as: "Pizza near me" or "Italian Pasta" before being directed to These consumers interact with different restaurants and options reviewed by the Yelp community. Some of these consumers complete their journey by choosing Papa John's or Pizza Hut since they are presented as the first options.
Other consumers convert directly with Grubhub, opening or downloading their mobile app after interacting with their Google Ads.
There is an opportunity to disrupt these consumers before converting to one of these brands.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised a recommendation for Italian food delivery providers to increase both brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment. Creating a custom audience of foodies who like to order Italian food, using the unique keywords and domains we identified from their online activity to disrupt competitors and increase brand awareness and user acquisition.

Supportive Metrics

Key words:

  • Italian food

  • Italian Pasta

  • Gnocchi Recipes

  • Best Risotto

  • Pizza Near Me

  • Delivery Near Me

  • Toppers Pizza

  • How to make pizza












1 Hour


Food Delivery


Foodies (Male, 25-35)

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