Divvy Homes vs Rent to Own Labs

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Parents looking to become homeowners but currently do not have the financial ability are interested in renting a home with the objective of purchasing it in the future. These consumers are searching on Google for "best rent to own sites", leading them to Millionacres.com, where they review articles such as How to Find Rent-to-Own Homes: 4 Ways to Find Your Perfect Match. In this article, Rent to Own Labs is mentioned as an alternative to finding a rent-to-own house, leading consumers to finish their journey converting with Rent to Own Labs. Other consumers were attracted to Roofstock's website by a display ad on Millionacres.com.

It is essential to mention that Divvy does not appear in the article.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised two recommendations to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. Display Ads: Target these consumers by displaying ads on Millionacres.com within the relevant articles that lead to conversions at the times and days these users are most active. (Saturday and Sunday, 18:00-22:00).

2. Affiliate Partnership: Create or improve the existing partnership with Millionacres.com to incorporate affiliate links within relevant articles such as "How to Find Rent-to-Own Homes: 4 Ways to Find Your Perfect Match", to attract high intent consumers and disrupt them before they interact with competitors

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