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What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Young entrepreneurs & small business owners actively looking to open a new business checking account, search Google for keywords such as "checking accounts for small businesses" before being redirected to or Next, these consumers read the articles "8 best small business accounts for 2022" and" Best checking accounts for entrepreneurs," where firms such as Lili, BlueVine, NorthOne, Bank of America, Mercury, Chase, and Capital One are listed, but others are not. Consumers then complete their journey by visiting these competitor websites, where they look to open an account.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised two recommendations for financial services providers to increase both brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment:

Affiliate Partnership: Create or improve existing partnerships with and to incorporate affiliate links into the latest and best-performing comparison articles around checking accounts for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Behavioral Targeting: Create a custom Google audience to target consumers looking for financial information for their venture or business, using the unique keywords and domains Konnecto's platform identified based on their online activity.

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800K Monthly Visitors





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Financial Services


Young Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners (25-35)

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