Curalife vs Glucofort

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Consumers interested in getting their glucose supplements are aware of the bad reputation of some of the products in the market and conduct their preliminary research to verify their reliability. Some brands in this sector take advantage of consumer awareness and activate various marketing tactics to target these consumers.

As an example:
High blood-sugar consumers interested in getting glucose supplements for blood sugar control dropout of Glucfort's website to search Google for "product name + scam" to verify their reliability.
Consumers are using keywords such as "Glucofort scam".
Next, consumers are led to to read a Glucofort review article about the reliability and benefits of their product. Finally, consumers finish their journey by buying Glucofort on

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised two recommendations for glucose supplement providers to increase both brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment:

Affiliate Partnership: Create or improve existing partnerships with to make review articles about your product and incorporate affiliate links.
SEA (Google): Bid on "product name + scam" related keywords to reach a high intent consumer group before converting with competitors. Example keywords: "Glucofort scam"; "Glucofot scam"; "Glucafix scam". Monthly Search Volume: 13.2K. Avg CPC: $1.5. Avg Trend: +406% (!) with a medium-high competition.

Supportive Metrics

Affiliate Partnership:

98k Monthly Visitors

SEA (Google):

Related Keywords:

  • “Glucofort scam”

  • “Glucofot scam”

  • “Glucafix scam”

Monthly Search Volume: 13.2K

Avg CPC: $1.5

Avg Trend: +406%

Medium-High Competition




1 Hour


Health & Wellness


People with High Blood Sugar (Male and Female, 25-49)

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