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User Journey

Gap identified:
A subgroup of employees in physically demanding roles try to find out more about their health insurance costs and discover that disability insurance might be the right solution for their situation. These consumers discover their adaptability to disability insurance coverage, often drop out of Breeze's website to find providers with better "waiting period" offerings, and convert with Mutual of Omaha.

Discovering Disability insurance Adaptability - SEA & Google Snippet Opportunities

Employees with physically demanding roles seeking information about health insurance find that disability insurance can be a better fit for them after visiting
These consumers discover their adaptability on financial advice blogs, including's "Disability insurance survey", leading them to visit disability insurance providers' websites, including

Consumers drop out from the quote page on Breeze's website to search Google for "disability insurance waiting period", and end up converting with Mutual of Omaha after finding this information on their website via their Google snippet.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised two recommendations for Breeze to reduce drop outs and increase user acquisition for this consumer segment:

1. Google Snippet: drive consumers to your website and decrease your dropout rate by adding a Google snippet:
Add </h2> for the header and </p> for your paragraph and Include the waiting period time frame in days for both short and long term insurance

2. SEA: Bid on "disability insurance waiting period", "temporary disability insurance", "disability waiting period" related keywords to reach a high intent consumer group before they convert with competitors.
Avg. monthly search volume 17.3K, Avg. CPC $4.5, Avg. trend +70%, low competition.

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Related Keywords:

  • Disability insurance waiting period

  • Temporary disability insurance

  • Disability waiting period

Monthly search volume: 17.3K

Avg CPC: $4.5

Avg trend:+70%

Low competition




1 Hour


Disability Insurance


Employees in Physical Demanding Roles (27-45)

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