Ashley Furniture vs IKEA

What Konnecto identified

User Journey

Gap identified:
Young couples (25-35) who recently moved into a studio apartment in the city and are seeking inspiration for designing their new homes start their journey by searching Google for terms such as "Studio apartment ideas". These consumers arrive at's article "Studio Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas", where they get some ideas for their new apartment. These consumers continue their journey on, scroll among posts by different users and pages, and finish their journey by clicking on posts from IKEA, leading them to the Ikea home page, where they finally convert.
There is an opportunity to disrupt this consumer journey before they purchase.

Our recommendations:
Our platform raised three recommendations for furniture brands to increase brand awareness and user acquisition for this consumer segment.

1. Sponsored Content: Target this consumer group by creating sponsored content on Pinterest, including different studio apartment ideas and recommendations for furnishing and decorating the space. Create boards on Pinterest and integrate keywords in the title based on consumers' unique online behavior to improve your SEO positioning on Pinterest. Additionally, incorporate links to your brand's website to increase website traffic among these consumers.

2. Behavioral Targeting via Google Audience - Create a custom audience of young consumers who recently moved into a studio apartment and are searching for furniture and home decor inspiration, using the unique keywords and domains we identified from their online activity to disrupt competitors.

3. Display Ads: Target these consumers using display ads on within the best performing relevant articles, such as "Studio Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas".
Increase your bid multipliers on the times these consumers tend to be most active on this website (Sunday & Saturday 18:00-22:00; Tuesday & Thursday 14:00-16:00).

Supportive Metrics

600K Yearly Visitors

Pinterest Keywords:

  • Studio apartments ideas

  • Studio apartments decor

  • Decorating a studio apartment ideas

  • Studio apartment setup

  • Simple small studio apartment ideas

  • Room divider ideas for studio apartments

Google Audience Keywords:

  • Studio apartment ideas

  • Studio apartment decor

  • Furniture for small space

  • Furniture for studio apartment

  • Decorating a small space

  • Studio apartment divider

  • Make the best of small spaces

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2 Hours




Young Couples, 25-35

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