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The Problem

  • You're wasting your time, resources and money on marketing experiments and tests that yield no return. The fierce competition leaves a small margin for errors.

  • There's no visibility regarding your competitors and what's working for them.

    • What segments are they targeting?

    • What is their CR?

    • How does your performance rate vs. theirs?

  • You're sifting through an ocean of data trying to guess your next customer acquisition strategy and bet on your marketing resources.


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Our Solution

Leverage Prescriptive Analytics to invest your resources in efforts that impact ROI efficiently.
What does that mean?

  • We'll surface opportunities that you are missing and provide you with action items that reduce the heavy lifting from your side. Your job is to implement them - and see how it impacts your ROI.

  • We'll give you full visibility into what your competitors are doing, what's working for them, who's converting with them and how.

How will you benefit?


"Konnecto has been a valuable marketing partner of ours.
We rely on them to provide us with targeted strategies that improve the ROI of our customer acquisition efforts with daily recommendations across all areas of digital marketing and digital customer experience” 

Matt Myers | Head of Customer Acquisition @ Haven Life

You're in Good Company

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DTC Brands reduce their CAC by X8 with Konnecto!

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