Konnecto Automotive Journey Disruption

Building a winning marketing strategy in the automotive industry requires a clear understanding of your consumers and their journeys.


But, as of today, your visibility into the initial steps of your consumer journey is very limited.

While you know a lot about what consumers do on your own assets, you likely have little visibility into what they do before each visit and how they interact with your competitor’s content from the very beginning of the journey.


This is because you currently get your insights in silos based on individual data sources.

Konnecto breaks these silos down to provide a view of consumers across the multiple platforms they use every day.

With privacy and honesty at a premium, KonnecTo provides brands with deep behavioral consumer insights and consumer journey insights based on interactions consumers had on platforms they use every day

Actionable Insights

Deep insights that inform your marketing and media strategy

Deep Behavioral Profiles

Break all data silos for a deeper understanding of your consumers needs and journeys

Complete Transparency

We only analyze anonymized research data with the full consent of our data community members