Consumer Journey Disruption | Konnecto | United States

We’re solving marketing’s toughest data challenge-

the lack of visibility in scale to the early stages of consumer journeys.

Using AI-powered technology trained on unprecedented data set, we reverse engineer consumer journeys in scale from a proprietary data community of 200,000 consumers worldwide that knowingly gave us access to research their anonymized digital foot-print.

Konnecto enables marketers to finally receive high-quality ongoing marketing recommendations on how to increase their digital journey market share and funnel- way before consumers interact with their brands.

Launching a new car, service or awareness campaign?

Konnecto enables you to analyze and identify hundreds of marketing investment opportunities with high ROI by tapping into the "Need identification" and "Research" phases of consumers who look to buy a car/services from your brand or the competitors.

We support the full journey of Auto digital marketers- from building your digital assets, planning and executing your marketing plans, implementing changes to your content strategy to the launch of new products and services.

Buying a Car

New electric car

Booking a Service



2nd hand market

Accident management

Spare parts



Display Ads



Social Media





Our data community members knowingly and transparently provide Konnecto access to analyze their anonymized digital footprint on platforms they use on a daily basis.

Transparency and privacy are the cornerstones of what we do.

We are proud to have a triple opt-in process that complies with GDPR and all new data privacy standards in the US.