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Identify opportunities to disrupt consumer journeys in the consideration phase to increase your top of the funnel

Unparalleled visibility into the

car purchase digital journey

As the car purchase journey steers towards digital, the opportunities to increase the consumer journey market share exist way beyond OEM's assets.

Konnecto provides with visibility into the earliest stages of the car purchase journey, generating actionable recommendations to impact the funnel and improve key trigger points as part of the consideration and research phase

Use-Case Specific Data Science & Actionable Recommendations

Unique data, unique technology, and industry-specific data science allow creating actionable recommendations that take into account your current investment landscape across multiple functions, without the need for any integration/data transfer.

Konnecto identifies trigger points and behavioral patterns specific to a need within an industry and category In addition to aggregating the data, we build vectorial models specifically relevant for your industry, category, region, and product type...

Konnecto generates multiple weekly recommendations with new opportunities on how to disrupt competitors and increase your top-of-the-funnel based on changing consumer behavior


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